How we work with our clients

Our plan sponsors represent varied industries and are located nationwide. We coordinate the design and implementation of each retirement plan in conjunction with the investment advisor to ease the burden of plan sponsors. Below is an outline of a typical plan conversion process:

1) CMC sends the plan sponsor a request for information and a termination notification letter to be sent to the prior service providers (TPA, custodian, etc.).

2) Upon receipt of the requested information from the plan sponsor, CMC 1-requests any outstanding information from the prior service provider(s), 2-confirms the fund menu and whether a mapping or new election method will be used for conversion with the advisor, 3-prepares all conversion paperwork including the plan document to send to the plan sponsor; CMC consults with the plan sponsor throughout this process, particularly with regard to plan design and document issues.

3) CMC begins correspondence with the prior service provider(s) to develop a timetable for asset transfer and provision of related information.

4) Once all of the completed paperwork is returned to CMC, the plan account is established at the custodian, the plan information is set up on our recordkeeping system, and the initial employee meeting is scheduled.

5) CMC prepares an employee memorandum announcing the meeting and outlining a timetable for conversion, including any blackout period.

6) An employee meeting is held at the plan sponsor's place of business; participants may begin accessing their accounts via to gain familiarity with online features and choose investment elections.

7) CMC coordinates with the plan sponsor regarding contribution deposits to the plan's account and online processing; new contributions to the plan begin.

Once the conversion process is complete, CMC seamlessly coordinates all ongoing retirement plan services (See the sections entitled 'Plan Administration' and 'Plan Investments' for more information.).